Friday, 18 September 2009

Brat & Suzie

At the moment we are absolutely loving the new Brat and Suzie t-shirt designs.
New in this September - they are bright, cute and come in two different t-shirt styles/cuts for you to choose from.

It's all happening at Forty Five at the moment - we have new brands arriving every week and we've just had a massive order of vintage arrive so watch out for some new gorgeous retro peices on the website very soon.

Busy busy busy!


  1. you have some nice clothing in your blog! :D is fotyfiveclothing your store?

  2. Forty Five is run by Mary and Dave - my name is Jade and i work here part time! Our website is and we also have a store in Plymouth

    thanks for stopping by!

  3. no problem. ahhh i see, thts great! il check it out. must be fun working at a store/online :D