Friday, 6 August 2010

So After a weekend of doing what we love best - (shopping for new stock!!) it is now time to report back to all you keen Forty Five fans!!
It's always hard to choose what to buy at trade shows. There's so many lovely brands, eye catching stalls and lots and lots of people. We kept focused and battled our way through the weekend and we have emerged at the other side - with a shed load of excellent new stock from our old trusted brands and equaly lovely new brands on their way. New stock now due in every couple of weeks - check our facebook for updates.
Here's the low down:

New Love Club.

Like vice magazine? Like trashy designs? LOVE New Love Club! They say: 'With previous stints in both music and fashion, the creative partnership behind new london brand new love club focus on a range of sketchy art, bold geometrics and sliced-up photos with themes of voyerism, aggression, fame, fantaticism, abstraction and futurism.' Coming soon.

Emily The Pemily.

If your an art student we've got a feeling you're going to love our new brand - Emily The Pemily. Emily describes her designs as an 'all things British' extravaganza! She loves British tea, weather, proverbs, royalty, or just good old bright folk! Coming soon at Forty Five in store and online. (I particularly like the mustache design!)

Any Forty.

We were drawn in by their unique designs, excellent colours and quality t-shirts - we're pretty sure you will be too. Coming in the next few weeks to our Plymouth store and online.


Ah Vacant, trusty old Vacant how we love you. Cheeky Autumn/Winter 2010 order placed with Vacant and due in soon - mens and womens.

There's alot more to share with you all but for now...heres just a little taster! If you have any questions about our new brands contact us on
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