Saturday, 5 February 2011

Any Forty - R3FIX collection: Spring/Summer 2011

Street wear brand Any Forty, has been collaborating with some of the best UK street and graphic artists over the last couple of years, producing 3 collections of rock solid t-shirt designs.

Any Forty's Versus collections are always produced in strictly limited editions, but this season they're revisiting some of their most popular designs and re-fixing them for a new audience - it's a great opportunity for those of you just discovering the range to get your hands on their sold-out designs from the Any Forty vaults in great new colourways.

But which ones to choose? That's where you guys come in.  Head on over to the Any Forty blog and let them know which designs you want to see refixed for spring/summer 2011. 

Our vote goes for the 45RPM and Hydro 74 t-shirts as they were pretty popular in store - but we'd love to know what you'd like. Vote now!

Any Forty vs 45RPM
Any Forty vs Hydro74

What we said:

We've been  stocking Any Forty's last two collections, and they've always sold really well - one of top sellers has been 45RPM - so we'd love to see that one refixed, and also the Hydro 74 design is awesome, but the boys that come into our store have been put off a bit by the hot pink - in a toned down colour this t-shirt would be hot hot hot!  Also we got in on the Any Forty act during versus 2 range, so we'd love to get our hands on any refixed t-shirts from the versus 1 range. 

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